Goddess Maya Liyer – London Mistress and Oriental Asian Dominatrix. Leads a consensual BDSM Femdom role play and fantasy D/s companionship. I neither solicit for, nor offer sexual services.



Before I introduce Myself, you will stand to attention, your mind and body craving to submit to this Oriental, Asian London Mistress.

“Are you absolutely certain that you are ready for Me?”

London Mistress Goddess Maya Liyer Big Ben
London Mistress

If you doubt your willingness to submit, then you are not worthy to crawl into My presence. If you are prepared to give yourself to Me, I will lead you by the collar along an enchanting path where you will discover your true self, and experience the fulfillment of pleasure and pain through exhilarating fantasy and servitude.

I will convey Myself through this narrative, and with My guidance you will take part in My beautiful story of BDSM, femdom and submission. My ethos governs the methodology for maintaining a successful D/s relationship between consenting adults, and is as follows:

– Consent (written or verbal)
– Communication
– Honesty
– Privacy/ Signed disclosure
– Safety (Up to date accredited qualified First Aid trainer – British Red Cross)
– Submission
– Trust
– Understanding (I do not caste judgement or prejudices)

I talk with you, not at you. I do not number crunch the amount of slaves per encounter but present a quality not quantity companionship. My preference is for loyal, long standing patrons who hold a special place, commencing with brief introductions and perhaps some aftercare if required. There is no rushing from this London Mistress.

Are you prepared and equipped to take that leap of faith into your darkest desires, to crawl on your hands and knees in subjugation to me, and to always show the utmost respect and deference to your chosen London Mistress Deity?

If you are, know this… “I only want the very best for you. Now kneel before Me, bow your head and worship…”

Goddess Maya Liyer

London Mistress